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Bollywood Singer KK Dead Due To Heart Attack

On Tuesday night, Kolkata lost KK (Krishnakumar Kunnath), a well-known Bollywood singer and composer. He was 53 years old. KK sang for almost an hour at a Nazrul Mancha concert that Vivekananda College hosted hours before his death. He also uploaded a photo of the show, “Pulsating gig tonight in Nazrul Mancha.” Vivekananda College !! Love you all”.

KK‘s sudden death has shocked celebrities, politicians, athletes, and fans.

Bollywood Singer KK Dead Due To Heart Attack

KK felt uneasy after the concert and moved to a hotel. KK was believed to have suffered a heart attack. An official stated that KK felt heavy upon reaching his hotel and then collapsed quickly.

KK was taken to a private CMRI hospital at Alipore around 10 p.m. However, before his treatment could have begun, the singer was already dead. According to doctors at the hospital, they suspect that KK died from cardiac arrest. According to the PTI news agency, a post-mortem will be performed Wednesday to determine the cause of death.

Bollywood Singer KK Dead Due To Heart Attack

KK’s wife and two children are his survivors. He was on a two-day tour to Kolkata and was due to return to New Delhi Wednesday.

akruti dev font download

Best Kruti Dev Font Download (2022) | Kruti Dev 010 Font Download

Kruti dev font download for windows 7, 10, 11 for 32bit & 64 bit, Kruti dev all font download, Kruti dev 010 font download, kruti dev font chart/Keyboard, Krutidev unicode converter

Kruti Dev Font Download

What are you searching on google “Kruti Dev Font for windows or android phone” and if i, m right then just you needs to stay here and get Kruti Dev Hindi font free. As you know kruti dev font is a Devanagari lipi and non unicode font. It comes with ttf (true type font) and otf (open type font) name extension.

In this way people Kruti dev font use form of hindi words. About in every state of india whole people using fonts for typewritting, Hindi typing, Newspaper, Books, WordPress website, government document using font api, etc.

Marathi Font Site

In government exam like ssc, rajasthan police, delhi police, patwari, gramsevak, postman, stenographer, and data entry operator typing paper online and offline using kruti dev font.

Kruti Dev Hindi Font Download

If we talk about Is kruti dev font free? It,s not free but here will get free download. To kruti dev hindi font download just scroll below and download all Kruti dev font free. Akruti Dev anjali font

Kruti Dev 010 Font Download

Kruti Dev 011 Font Download

Kruti Dev 014 Font Download

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Kruti Dev 025 Font Download

Kruti Dev 026 Font Download

Best Calligraphy Font For Wedding Invitation Card

Hey user, You are welcome to our new and another fresh article. As you know, In every home program. Wedding is a big Programs and invites to relative people needs to invitations card. Needs to print Invitations card for Wedding/Marriage, Condolence message, Shaving ceremony, etc.

In this article, We will offer a Calligraphy font for weddings. If you are going to picking wedding calligraphy fonts and download then check the font to be easy to read.

[hfcm id=”1″]

For invitation envelopes, major heading like name, and other text compulsory to Bold free wedding card fonts, here will find all Stylish marriage card fonts.

Best Calligraphy Font For Wedding Invitation

As you know when you have limited wedding calligraphy fonts then difficult to choose the stylish right marriage font selection. So we are offering Collection Stylish Calligraphy font for wedding invitations.

For best Wedding cards print required good quality paper and popular wedding calligraphy fonts for free download. If you are going to a high rate marriage invitation card then just use fonts for beautiful and creative card design.

[adinserter name=”Block 2″]

As you see some wedding invitations use Hindi and English. In this article, users will find fancy wedding calligraphy fonts Hindi and all fonts free to download.

If you search wedding calligraphy fonts free download on google for personal use then can download fonts free from here. But you want to download marriage card fonts for commercial use compulsory buy font license from font admin.

Popular Marathi Calligraphy fonts free download

Given all Popular wedding calligraphy fonts can be imported into windows and android phones. If you used Wedding card software Photoshop, CorelDRAW, MS Word, for envelope or card design.

As if you have searched Hindi wedding fonts on google but will find a lot of results but here we provide wedding calligraphy fonts free and download fonts below click the download button.

wedding Calligraphy Fonts Free Download

wedding calligraphy fonts
wedding calligraphy fonts

1. AmrHindi Regular

[su_button id=”download” url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/16muAAjgeGY-_Ovm-NDsfLIQqAnp5HkDH/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

2. AnmoHindi Regular

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/18bvX5HI9gmA7hrzzUagacOhQQti2uQbQ/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

3. AMS Afrin Regular

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cMBORbnHEfVcfAnNefCosIwpb6RNOkvW/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

4. ArivNdr POMt Regular

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M8loN5OCi_Yl8u-JcTKFqcBwqsiDYJ-s/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

5. AMS Bhagyshri

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UqISUPMWSz4u3VMebVdG5Vlx-Ogf2I5W/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

6. AMS Bandhand Regular

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/14oD2HOM6Ueg2UQyX59WzIvfzv0s9g2Zy/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

7. AMS Ganesha

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eRZv_RoW470b61GrcVc7N3DlcegmdPnA/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

ams geoScript Regular

[su_button url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W5_g6d2eyMEA7m1gCYlx3b9-3_EeqUWh/view?usp=sharing” target=”blank” style=”noise” background=”#ef2d41″ color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”10″ icon=”icon: arrow-circle-down”]Download Now[/su_button]

New Calligraphy Fonts In Marathi Free Download (2021)

Hello guys, You are welcome to new and another fresh article. In this post, I will offer/explain Calligraphy fonts in Marathi free download. If you have a designer and designing beautiful designs modern wedding cards, invitations card, name on logos, Social worker ID Card, Name on photos, Greeting cards, Stylish Hindi Posters/banners, Marathi Hindi Stationary book name, Signature creation, then needs to Marathi Calligraphy Fonts download.

Given Premium Calligraphy Marathi fonts are free for personal use but buy Devanagari Marathi fonts license for commercial (Paid). It is a TTF format extension font and different styles.

Calligraphy font is a Hindi category and likes handwritten font. Calligraphy Marathi font is comfortable for smartphones, Windows, and Mac. These fonts can import android apps, pixel lab, PicsArt, System Software, (Photoshop, MS Word, MS Excel, Paints).

Calligraphy Fonts In Marathi Free Download For Android Or Windows

In India and other Hindi-supported countries are many companies that work printing and designing. If you are a designer and want to design an attractive marriage invitation card, photo id card, School id card, Employee id card, Shirts, magazines, etc. So we share a popular highly designed Hindi calligraphy fonts collection.

Best Fire Flame Font Download 2021

Popular Marathi calligraphy Fonts Free Download

Many websites are available on google/Internet but they’re not found the perfect AMS Marathi TTF font for Windows or mobile. Some users want to write stylish name on own photo in PixelLab or PicsArt. Designer, create projects on computer systems software like MS Word (Microsoft Word), MS Excel, Photoshop, Paint, and print. So just save fancy Calligraphy font in Marathi free download on your storage.

In this fonts store, the user will get 100% free Styles Handwriting, Name on Bike, script. For insert download Marathi fonts and extract Zip file then created a folder. As we know the font language will coding then need to download fee Unicode converter app, Install and setup it.

Freefontsstore is a fonts provider store and just below scroll down Calligraphy Fonts In Marathi Free Download. Go official Marathi font site for more font download.

How to marathi calligraphy fonts download

Best Fire Flame Font Free Download 2021

Hey user, You are welcome to new and another fresh post or article. In this post, We have provided the Best Flame Font. Thousand of flame font display on the internet. But we are offering popular fire fonts free and the given fire font can be download from here.

Flame Font Download

As you know that we provide different styles of flaming fonts free, All flaming text font free only for personal use, and needs to buy licensed commercial use. If you want to design fire-related like a School name board, pharmacology name, medicine, government & private Departments name or address, Light room name, no smoke board, etc.

In the USA and other English countries, There are many things related to fire and for different things needs Fire Board/Plate. If India, United States, and other countries people to flaming texts create font designs need to designers. if you have any fire-related shop, office, room, product and want to typography burning name then Fire texts downloads.

Popular Modern font download

Stylish Horror Fonts Free Download

How to add fonts to Photoshop

all the fonts best according to your choice because it has given good effects like hot & heat, burn, and bold too. As you know, In big city market, University, medical hospital & collage, modern hostel and hotel fire room, electronic room, banner ads, So their use flaming text plate.

Without this, your project can use style fire fonts for Stylish name, fire-related vehicle, or office, Gas Cylinder name, Smoking products which harms the liver and final cancer.

Flames script collections are one of best English art and using English letters can be made unique designs.

Burning Fire Font Download

All the fire-flaming font style like burning fire to texts and animated in beautiful ways. If you want to download fire flaming font just scroll download and download popular burning flaming texts free.

free fire font
buning man font
burning man
fire font
Char BB
fire font
Cheap Fire
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Flame On
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Hell Circus
flame font
Hot Librarian
fire font
Hot Secretary
fire fonts
Monsters Heart
fire english font
Open Flame
best fire font
pepperoni pizza
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play with fire
fire fonts
summer fire

Popular Modern Fonts Free Download

Hey guys, You are welcome to the new and fresh article. In this post, we provide Best Free Modern Fonts for web design, logo design, graphics design, Text on photography, Own stylish name design, etc.


Many fonts and non-font websites available on google, Who provides us font. But you are missing something that you know What is the best modern font?

In this article, I offer Best Modern font collection free and can be download. Modern font is the best option for Stylish name design, Web design, Beautiful Photograph, and other more.

Given all modern fonts in English text/word. You can download modern font free in Zip file format. As you will find that all modern English font free for personal use. But if you want to use font for commercial use then need to buy a license full version.

All fonts TTF extension folder format. Here users can get popular modern font to download for stylish design. To your work according to all English modern font provides by us.

How to Install Modern Fonts in PC

  • Download and Get Zip file
  • Click Mouse right click and click on Extract Here
  • After it will create a folder same zip name
  • Double click the folder and they will find TTF/OTF format font
  • Right-click font and click the Install option
  • After use software like Paint, Photoshop, and other font import supported software.

Stylish Horror Fonts Free Download

Best Christmas fonts Download

How to Import fonts to photoshop

Uses of Modern Fonts

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Photography Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Stylish Text Name Design
  • Movie Name Design
  • Newspaper Title Name Design
  • Banner Design
  • Board Design
  • Brand Name Design
  • Club Name Design
  • GYM Name Design
  • Hotel Name Design
  • Royal Place Name Design
  • Collage Name Design
  • Office Name Design
  • Company Name Design
  • Bike/Car/Truck Vehicle Modification Design

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Best Modern English Fonts Collection List 2021

  1. a_anterobot
  2. a_grazing_mace
  3. amuse_bouche
  4. anger_styles
  5. biker_from_hell
  6. blade
  7. buckingham
  8. callioca
  9. creator_campotype_smcp
  10. crown_title
  11. demoness
  12. die_nasty
  13. evil_dead
  14. exorcista
  15. germania
  16. ghost_rider_movie
  17. heavy_metal_rocking
  18. highlander_movie
  19. mad_king_games
  20. mb_gothicdawn
  21. mirage_gothic
  22. morpheus
  23. ok_esport
  24. one_slice
  25. s_s_grey_hood_seven
  26. shadows_of_security
  27. starstruck
  28. the_black_veil
  29. van_helsing_movie
  30. vinque

Modern Fonts Free Collection 2021

Modern Fonts
a anterobot font
Modern Fonts
a grazing mace modern english fonts
Modern Fonts
amuse bouche best modern fonts
modern fonts
anger styles modern font
Modern Fonts
biker from hell modern fonts
modern fonts
blade modern font
Modern Fonts
buckingham modern font
Modern Fonts
callioca modern font
Modern Fonts
creator campotype smcp font
modern fonts
crown title font
Modern Fonts
demones fonts
Modern Fonts
die nasty fonts
Modern Fonts
evil dead fonts
Modern Fonts
exorcista fonts
Modern Fonts
germania fonts
Modern Fonts
ghost rider movie fonts
Modern Fonts
heavy metal rocking fonts
Modern Fonts
highlander movie fonts
Modern Fonts
mad king games fonts
Modern Fonts
mb gothicdawn fonts
Modern Fonts
mirage gothic fonts
Modern Fonts
morpheus modern font
Modern Fonts
ok esport modern font
Modern Fonts
one slice modern font
Modern Fonts
s s grey hood seven modern font
Modern Fonts
shadows of security modern font
Modern Fonts
starstruck modern font
Modern Fonts
the black veil modern font
Modern Fonts
van helsing movie modern font
Modern Fonts
vinque modern font

Popular Free Horror Font 2021 – Movie Poster, Comics

Hey guys, You, re welcome to a new and fresh article. In this post, We will provide New Horror Font 2021. If you are from the united state, united kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India country and searching for free Horror font to complete work, You are right here.

Free Horror Font – Dripping, Comics, Poster

There are different thought people in this world. Every people search for the same term font with different types like horror font is the major font category name. If you are searching on google spooky font, Scary font, creepy font, Just read and download dripping blood font.

We provide otf and TTF extension name font for your pc, android device, and others. given font can install PC software MS WORD, Paint, Photoshop, PixelLab, PicsArt, mac and other otf/TTF extension support apps or software.

How to add font to Photoshop easy? Guide

As you know many spooky fonts available on the internet. So we offer the Best spooky font free for download. As all given creepy font can be download free. But fancy horror font free use only for personal use and needs to buy the license for commercial use.

Best Horror Font Collection

spooky font free, spooky Halloween font free, scary film font, vintage creepy font, thin horror font, spooky Christmas font, creepy Halloween font, creepy handwriting font.

Before download, The Best Creepy font/Scary font needs to how will make text design. In this post, offering dripping blood font/bleeding font, 3D/lethal slime dripping font, scary comics font, Horror movie font, Ghost movie blood font, etc.

blood Font

  1. Blood Crow
blood crow
Blood Crow
Blood Crows


horror font

3. Blood Thirst

horror font
Blood Thirst

4. BloodBlocks

horror font


horror font

6. Bloody Office

horror font
Bloody office

7. Bloody

horror font
bloody font

8. CFNightofTerrorPERSONAL-Reg

horror font
bleeding font

9. ChIll Blood

horror font
blood font

10. Double Feature

horror font
Double Feature


horror font

12. who asks satan

horror font
who asks satan


horror font

NEW Stylish Marathi Fonts Download For PixelLab

Hello guys, Are you finding/searching Marathi fonts download? Freefontsstore.com website is an all-type font providing site where users can download fonts. If you want Stylish Marathi fonts download, Just follow the rule and Download Marathi fonts free.

Marathi Fonts Download For PixelLab

This post creates specially for android smartphone users. Some people using PixelLab APK apps for photo editing/Name Edit/Design and want more fonts in Marathi.

If you use PixelLab apps and searching Marathi font free download for PixelLab, Scroll and Download Marathi fonts free.

What you know Marathi language has written in Devanagari script. All given PixelLab Marathi fonts extension name TTF.

Popular Marathi Calligraphy Fonts Download 2021

TOP AMS Hindi Calligraphy Fonts Free Download

Marathi Fonts download for PixelLab| Just note down given all the fonts not only for the android device or apps PixelLab, but Marathi fonts can also be installed in computer software – Photoshop, Paint, MS Word, MS Excel and Android apps – PicsArt etc.

To write a name in PixelLab or other apps on pictures needs to convert text to another scripting language. PixelLab Marathi font download, Best Marathi fonts download, New Marathi fonts download ttf.

pixelLab marathi font download

Hey users, To PixelLab Marathi font download needs to download the font file and install it in PixelLab Apps. Download Pixellab AD-Free MOD App.

Download Now : PixelLab – Fonts Imoprt Apps

new PixelLab Marathi Fonts Download List

[Windows] How to Add Fonts to Photoshop? Guide 2021

Guys, You, re welcome to a new and fresh article. In this post or article, we will give the answer of How to add Fonts to Photoshop? or How to import fonts into Photoshop? in your pc Photoshop software.

If you have a PC/Desktop/Laptop and use art, design or Photography software like Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Microsoft Office/Microsoft word 2007 etc. To add or import fonts (TTF, OTF) in this software just follow given below rule.

As you can see in Adobe Photoshop, Paint, MS Office, MS Word 2007 software already provide various type of fonts. In this world everything fast and smart. Many peoples are a professional freelancer or designer and settled in art, design & photography industry.

To make more money fast and successful, Peoples want to design better art search best fonts for Adobe Photoshop, Paint, MS Office, MS Word 2007 software and other.

We are giving information on topic Photoshop so just covered topic. To import fonts into Photoshop or Add fonts to Photoshop. I think 60% of people know How to add fonts to photoshop.

If you are a beginner and listen from anywhere can import or add fonts in Photoshop, you need to follow the process How to import fonts into Photoshop.

As you know fonts file names were TTF and OTF. TTF (True Type Font) is an old type extension file format and can be created easily. OTF fonts is a popular and present time large number use fonts in art, design and photography software/Apps. And file size small too according to TTF fonts.

How To Add Fonts To Photoshop?

Most of people any question answer on YouTube in India. But in USA (United State), UK (United Kingdom), Germany, Canada etc country people find to solution on google because google is the best search engine to provide better and informative result.

If you search How to add fonts to Photoshop? Just follow below in structure to import fonts into photoshop or any windows software like Adobe Photoshop, Paint, MS Office, MS Word 2007.

  1. To import fonts into Photoshop software needs to extract zip font file in folder format.
  2. After extracted file shown in folder double click on the folder, And you will find fonts in TTF or OTF format.
  3. Now mouse pointer on fonts file and right click<Preview<Install
  4. After clicking on install option, you have installed selected fonts in your PC Windows or software.
  5. Second Method – Open control panel<Appearance and Personalization< Fonts
  6. And finally, just drag & drop fonts and leave cached font on the fonts tab in the control panel.
  7. It will take some time and install Successfully in windows Photoshop software.
  8. Full follow rule your add fonts to photoshop process completed.

How to Import Fonts Into Photoshop?

How to import fonts into Photoshop software

Adobe Photoshop Free Download (2021 new Version)

You can download adobe Photoshop free download for windows 7 2021 new version.

Software Full Name:Adobe Photoshop 2021
Setup File Name:Adobe_Photoshop_2021_v22.1.1.138x64_Multilingual.rar
Full Setup Size:2.2 GB
Setup Type:Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility Architecture: 64 Bit (x64)
Latest Version Release Added On: 24th Jan 2021
Operating System:Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Adobe Photoshop Free Download For Widows 7/8/8.1/10

View on mobile

View on mobile