The care of a puppy isn't easy. Puppies bite, go to the bathroom at home, and bark.

Your puppy's training will bring order to your home and help you build an excellent connection with your puppy.

Once your puppy has adjusted to its new routine, you will be able to anticipate the time for bedtime and bathroom breaks, making your life simpler.

Train To Puppy

Karen Wagner, a German Shepherd Dog breeder, suggests the pup "the house rules" when you receive her.

You must teach your puppy after you've brought them home.

Leash training, crate training and positive reinforcement will help train your puppy to go to the bathroom outside only.

It's not that simple, but playful puppies do not always walk well on leashes.

Learning to walk a puppy calmly and respectfully on a leash can help you as you socialize your puppy and housebreak them.

Utilize"sit" as a command "sit" to prevent your puppy from tripping over visitors. Be respectful at meals, and also as a means to teach other important techniques like "stay" and "come.