According to Twitter users, celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Sophie Turner, Joey King, Orlando Bloom, and Robert Downey Jr. among others have been observing Johnny Depp s Instagram photo after he announced he had come through his defamation case victorious.

Following his win in the case, after Depp had won a large amount of sympathy on social media, he tweeted that the jury gave him his life back."

False, very serious, and criminal allegations were levied against me via the media, which triggered an endless series of hateful content, although no charges were ever brought against me.

Other notable figures, such as Paul McCartney and Kate Moss, have publicly donated to Johnny Depp.

According to the Daily Mail, these revelations are part of her congressional testimony that was unsealed from the 6000 pages of court documents.

Through these texts of their libel lawsuit, Ellen Barkin pointed out that Johnny Depp is extremely charming, similar to most abusers are.

According to a study session they had on their first sexual coupling, she created her doctor prescribe her a sedative.

The actress commented on Depp's personality as a jealous and controlling individual.

In a deposition during the case that would not have been undertaken, actor Ellen Barkin who was previous girlfriend of Johnny Depp claimed that Depp drugged her for the first time in their intimate relationship.