Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) Austin is home to a non-profit animal shelter.

APA relies on donations for its operation, so its social media strategy is critical to its fundraising efforts.

APA! is a rescue organization that helps animals at the greatest risk of being put to death and gives them a chance at living the life they deserve.

APA! is now possible with the native Instagram and Facebook tools

APA is currently raising between $10,000 to $20,000 per month -- a significant part of their fundraising strategy.

It's impressive to volunteer here. While I volunteer primarily with the Bottle Baby team, I have also volunteered for other programs occasionally.

The adoption process was straightforward - just a few papers, a conversation with an adoption counsellor and a small adoption fee.

The behavior team provided me with excellent suggestions to help him with some minor behavioral issues.

The ringworm ward is where I found my cat. It is a blessing for sick cats who other shelters cannot treat.

There is also a ward for cats with FIV+ and cats with leukaemia.

 They provide aftercare for their vet, and the adoption process goes smoothly.