On Tuesday night, Kolkata lost KK (Krishnakumar Kunnath), a well-known Bollywood singer and composer. He was 53 years old. KK sang for almost an hour at a Nazrul Mancha concert that Vivekananda College hosted hours before his death. He also uploaded a photo of the show, “Pulsating gig tonight in Nazrul Mancha.” Vivekananda College !! Love you all”.

KK‘s sudden death has shocked celebrities, politicians, athletes, and fans.

Bollywood Singer KK Dead Due To Heart Attack

KK felt uneasy after the concert and moved to a hotel. KK was believed to have suffered a heart attack. An official stated that KK felt heavy upon reaching his hotel and then collapsed quickly.

KK was taken to a private CMRI hospital at Alipore around 10 p.m. However, before his treatment could have begun, the singer was already dead. According to doctors at the hospital, they suspect that KK died from cardiac arrest. According to the PTI news agency, a post-mortem will be performed Wednesday to determine the cause of death.

Bollywood Singer KK Dead Due To Heart Attack

KK’s wife and two children are his survivors. He was on a two-day tour to Kolkata and was due to return to New Delhi Wednesday.